Do you suffer from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)?
Are you still experiencing symptoms of depression even while on your current antidepressant?
You may be interested in the Major Depression Studies for adults diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder.
The Major Depression Studies are evaluating an investigational study drug to see how well it works as an add on to your ongoing antidepressant in treating the symptoms of depression for those that have had an inadequate response to antidepressants alone.


All study‐related investigational drug and study‐related evaluations will be provided at no cost, and if you qualify you may receive compensation for your travel and time. The study will involve 7 visits to a study site in your area.

What happens if I sign up?

We will match you to a clinical research study center in your area that is seeking patients with Major Depression or notify you when one becomes available. Someone from the study team will contact you to explain more about the study before you make your decision to participate. You may attend an in-person screening visit where qualified medical professional will help determine if the study is right for you and see if you qualify.

The information you are providing here will only be used to match you or a loved one to a clinical research study in the potential participant’s area and contact you to see if you or a loved one would like to participate. Please note the information you enter will be kept private, except when ordered by law, and only accessible to our Clinical Research Partners and affiliates and applicable regulatory agencies.

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