Seeking Celiac Disease Patients for Clinical Research Study

If you or someone you know are at least 18 years old and are living with celiac disease, consider a clinical research study for help. Local researchers at TEST SITE need celiac disease patients to help test the safety and effectiveness of an investigational treatment for relief of celiac disease symptoms in adults.

You may qualify for participation if you:
  • Are 18 years or older
  • Have been diagnosed with celiac disease at least 6 months before entering the study
  • Have followed a gluten-free diet for 6 consecutive months leading up to study entry
  • Have had abdominal cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhea, loose stool, or nausea at least 4 times during the month prior to screening
You may not qualify for participation if you:
  • Have type 1 diabetes
  • Have had a diagnosis of cancer within the last 5 years
  • Have received treatment for alcohol or drug abuse within the past year prior to screening


There are additional requirements to qualify for this study. A member of the study team will discuss these with you during screening.

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a common disease that is diagnosed in approximately 200,000 Americans every year. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that can lead to damage in the small intestine if gluten is consumed. Because of the body’s rejection of gluten, patients are usually recommended to follow a gluten-free diet. If not managed, celiac disease can result in the body’s inability to properly absorb nutrients. When the small intestine is not working properly with celiac disease patients, flare ups can be painful.  Symptoms of celiac flare ups can include gas, cramps, diarrhea, and nausea.

See if You Qualify

What is a clinical research study?

A clinical research study tests the safety and effectiveness of a new medicine or treatment in a population of volunteers. Every medical breakthrough goes through the clinical study process. Therefore, participants like you play a very important role in advancing medicine for present and future generations.


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